The Next-Generation of Digital CRYPTO MINING AND TRADING


Crypto Formers offers you a smart and easy way to purchase tokens for mining and trading. Our bitcoin mining and trading system is suitable for those who are new to the world of Cryptocurrencies, as well as for cryptocurrency experts and large-scale investors.


Mining for Individuals

“We are enabling “smaller” investors to finally get involved in the Crypto trading and mining markets and have real success.”

More Than Business

Dedicated customers get upgrades or promo codes to have percentages added to their hashpower (or off contract price.)

Non-Stop Development

We commit to the continuous development and improvement of our software to provide a consistent return on your capital.

Supporting ALTCOINS

We believe that Altcoins have high importance, because diversity fosters innovative blockchain technology.


Buy Hashing Power

You can now mine your favorite coins but to buy hashing power you will need to deposit Bitcoins. You can always withdraw deposited Bitcoins.

Watch It Grow

CryptoFormers investment is purely automated. All you have to do is sign in weekly to your private dashboard to view your trading reports and profit


It's Quite Easy and Simple

You First

You need to fill the contract documents with the right information and necessary information and send back to us at

Make Payments

We would notify you of successful contract and also will send an attachment of the wallet address where the payment will be made.

Account Setup

Your account will then be setup within 24hours and login information to your private backup office to view information would be sent to you

Withdrawal Process

Our withdrawal process is hassle free, all you have to do is click the withdrawal and within 24 hours your funds would be live on your wallet!



Minimum purchase is 30 Coins tokens.
Get a bonus from 6% to 35%
on every token purchase

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